InnovationLaporte invests heavily in research and development to provide you with the best products at the best possible prices. We continually make new innovations to our range of products whilst striving to keep costs down so you get great value for your money.
PerformanceWith our technical advancements we are able to ensure our range offers you a consistent product whilst giving you the precision and longevity that Laporte’s reputation is built on. Our reputation for a quality product is evident as - many Organisers of TOP events choose Laporte for their clays, traps and technical “know how” at major events worldwide.
Customer ServiceAll of our Laporte staff is committed to providing you with the best possible customer care and after sales service. No matter the size of your company or whether you are a sole proprietor, “you matter to us”.

Laporte makes Amazing User-Friendly Traps

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Reasons to buy Laporte®

portant; Staying a visionary leader and trusted partner in the Shooting Sports Industry does not happen by accident. We have many years' experience in developing, building and installing Clay Traps all over the World, and we place particular emphasis on providing the most reliable machines.

NO RUST: Aluminum construction with epoxy coating.

FEWER BREAKDOWNS: Waterproof release cable (50m) and first class terminal plugs.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Nickel plated steel anti-corrosion throwing plate.

INCREASED SHOOTING RHYTHM: up to 1.8 second re-arming time.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Aluminum alloy construction.


Much more features are available.

You just found it...

Choosing the Right Laporte® Trap Has Never Been So Easy


Laporte® Clay Pigeon made for YOU

Developed by our engineers for shooters to use during their training in any discipline. After extensive trials and in-depth research our clays meet all criteria for quality and reliability which makes Laporte® Company world renowned since 1927.


To prevent clays from sticking in damp conditions.


To increase breakability and improve scores.


For maximum rotation and excellent stability in flight. Reinforced structure allows the clay to be thrown at a distance of more than 100 m.


For a more aerodynamic profile.


To avoid adjustment of the clay separator on machines and reduce the number of no-birds.


Studied by German engineers, the numerous square indentations are real lead “catchers” that avoid ricochet and considerably increase the breakability of the clay.

LEAD CATCHER this worldwide exclusive design of our "Grand Prix" target was created by Laporte® to guarantee perfect breakability of the target on the very first impact. This design prevents any rebound or slippage of the target upon projectile.


Laporte® created the first true archery trap for passionate shooters and families

Something you must try !

We are very proud to have launched our Phoenix® range of archery traps.
With this incredible innovation, we have opened the way to new disciplines in archery and paintball, dynamic and telegenic games that attract new players every

Up to 65 Targets loaded

Safe arrows with "Flu-Flu" max distance 40m

Can be used indoor and outdoor - Water and mud resistant

Ideal for beginners, professionals and arc hers of all ages

Variable throwing tracks (Vertical, rainbow and rolling rabbit)