Laporte's speciality is Clay Pigeon Shooting, a sport imported to France by Emile Laporte who invented the first "hand launcher" in 1927.
Laporte, a family owned company takes pride in the long term personal and "team" Laporte commitment – all of which has ensured the success and longevity of this international company.It is no surprise Laporte has a major presence in so many international competitions and championships.
The organizing committees of the Olympics and many other bodies value the company's reliability, "know how" and years of experience in the industry.
"Practise does make Perfect! ».

Exceptionnal Durability

Laporte's machines are built of more than 60% aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Our after-sales service technicians regularly see machines over 30-year-old still working strong. This exceptional lifespan is the core of the Laporte® brand.

Real Life Testing

In 2008, we were the official beggar to The Olympic Games in Beijing. After being submerged by floods for several days, the machines worked perfectly immediately after the water subsidence! Incredible strength and design—extraordinary evidence.

World Renowned Quality

Each of our precision-made machines is crafted by our specialists with technical know-how renowned across 5 continents. We implement strict quality controls and test each machine before delivery. Our goal—total satisfaction


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Thousands machines leave our factory each year for delivery to the world. Their quality, durability and performance are our best publicity. They speak louder than words and demonstrate the commitment taken by our company for over 80 years. Here are 20 reasons we're the best.

  1. No Rust: Aluminium and stainless steel construction with epoxy coating.
  2. Fewer Breakdowns: Waterproof release cable delivered with 50m of cable and first class terminal plugs.
  3. No Maintenance: Nickel plated steel anti-corrosion throwing flat.
  4. Increased Shooting Rhythm: 1.8 second re-arming time.
  5. Lightweight: Aluminium alloy construction.
  6. Magazine capacity up to 1,000 clays with double knife separating system.
  7. Waterproof motor uses very little energy (motor Leroy Somer).
  8. Lifetime guarantee on the throwing arm.
  9. Motor protected by circuit breaker.
  10. Battery Autonomy: 8000 clays.
  11. Throwing Distance: from 40m to 140m (depending on arming spring and options).
  12. Reduced Noice – No-Birds: Anti-vibration system on the throwing arm.
  13. One-way bearing in monobloc (no maintenance, greased for life and easily interchangeable).
  14. Operating temperature between -20 and 50 degrees.
  15. Lightweight injection moulded one-piece frame providing exceptional strength.
  16. Extremely accurate and constant trajectory.
  17. Shock absorbing drop-plate for anti-no-bird.
  18. Electromechanical micro switch both robust and easy to adjust.
  19. Safety on/off/de-cock located 1m behind the machine on a stand for safety purposes.
  20. Less Than 1% No-Birds Using Laporte® Clays