TRENCH 6C – (Single Trap)

LAPORTE® has been selected 8 times for the Olympic Games

The perfect balance between innovation and simplicity.

The TRENCH 6 COLUMNS version uses the same advanced technology as the TRENCH 12 COLUMNS version utilised for all the Olympic Games since 2004.

The TRENCH 6 COLUMNS concentrates innovation and ease of use with all the reliability that has made the LAPORTE® company’s reputation for more than 80 years. It has the instantaneous release system which has been developed for perfect and constant trajectories. The degree of precision achieved is absolutely remarkable.

Equipped with an electro-mechanical plate integrated in the body, supplied with 12V, this launcher can deliver more than 5000 trays with a single 88 A / h battery (depending on the spring).

Supplied with cable and distribution box.

LAPORTE®, guarantee of quality since 1927, guarantees the TRENCH 6 COLUMNS for 3years.

The launch arm is guaranteed for life.


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Additional information
Weight75 kg

200 Targets

Re-cocking Time

2.2 Seconds


12 Volts


3 years

Usable Target

Standard Target, Flash Target

Instant Release (turbo)



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