Laporte USA clays certified for the ATA competitions

Laporte USA clays approved by the American Traps Shooting Association to be used in the ATA events.

Laporte has recently tested the USA clays with an independent laboratory. All results shown on the reports indicated that all targets are within the perimeters specified in
the Official ATA Rules (Section XIII, D.) for targets to be used for ATA competition.

The American Trap Association also verified and confirmed that these targets are acceptable for use in ATA registered competitions.

USA clays are available in all colours.


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  • ATA approval of Laporte USA clays for the ATA competitions: laporte target ATA certification
  • AMATEUR TRAPSHOOTING ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL RULES for the conduct of Registered Trapshoots Issued by: Amateur Trapshooting Association ATA-Rulebook


Official ATA Rules (Section XIII, D.)


No target shall measure more than four and five-sixteenths (4 5/16) inches in diameter, and not more than one and one-eighth (1 1/8) inches in height. A target shall not weigh less than 95 grams or more than 105 grams with an allowable variation of plus or minus 5 grams per target lot. A target lot is defined as all targets withe same production number.



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