The all new PRO TRAP designed for INTENSIVE USE.

Launch up to 300ft and more than 7500 clays with a 12v battery*The all new PRO TRAP designed for INTENSIVE USE.Launch up to 300ft and more than 7500 clays with a 12v battery*

The Gravity Traps have been developed to withstand rigorous use and launch clays up to a distance of 300 feet / 91 metres.
By design these new traps are: Compact Cost effective Competitively priced



The Gravity range is based on an optimized balanced centre of gravity.
The new frontal position of the magazine (Patent Pending) gives the traps even greater stability.This atypical position results in a transmission that greatly reduces energy consumption drawn by the motor.

HIGH PRECISION(Patent Pending)

Regardless of trap angles, the clay position when armed remains consistent.


Thanks to the newly designed body with the launching area moved 90 degrees our new generation traps are more compact. This new concept allows extreme angles with easily accessible settings for adjustment.


Laporte machines were already known for being the THE ONE THAT CONSUME THE LESS ENERGY on the market.
The Gravity Range has pushed these limits by increasing the battery capacity by 50% whilst ensuring optimal torque for a 2 second only re cocking time.


This new design of a double jointed mechanism allows the trap to be angled from horizontal to 65 degrees vertical and 25 degrees of centre left or right.
With a reduced number of wearable parts, both the double knife clay separators and no-bird damping plates made of stainless steel, and the unbreakable throwing arm with its life time warranty, the new Gravity Trap range is built to last.For more information on the new Laporte Gravity Traps and to discuss your requirements please contact us now on 01949 843 777 or email the sales team at

Source: GRAVITY by LAPORTE – Laporte®

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