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Our equipment is supplied ready to use, however there are useful accessories or options that meet the needs of clubs depending on the disciplines for which they are specialized. You may also need spare parts, either because you are a distributor of our products or simply because you have the skills to maintain your equipment. Check it out and request  a free quote. We’ll reply and help you as quickly as possible.


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The advantages of using 12V power supply in Skeet

1 Battery and 1 Charger per machine

  • Each battery allows the launch of a minimum of 5000 clays. With the two batteries (2×5000 clays) the installation can work for more than 2 days without any electrical supply. This enables to reduce the power and also the diameter of the power supply cables.
  • Because each launcher is powered by 1battery, the 12v power supply is perfectly identical in the high house (Pull)or the low house (Mark), the triggering speed is identical and perfect for the 2 launchers.-Less risk of damages of the equipment such as motors, relays, electromagnets due to lightning.
  • Less risk of disturbances due to electrical variations It is also possible to recharge the batteries of the installations with solar panels.


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            To present a successful and challenging layout, a customer needs to be able trust and depend on a fleet of top quality machines.
            In Sporting & Compak disciplines, numerous hunting conditions can be simulated by combining various speeds and angles with different types of targets.
            Throughout the course, the shooters might see targets crossing from either side, coming inward, going outward, flying straight up, rolling on the ground, arcing high in the air, or thrown from towers. ” –The possible target presentations should only be limited by safety considerations, the terrain, and the imagination of the course designer.”…


            It is no accident that Laporte remains a visionary leader and trusted partner within the Shooting Sports industry.  We have many years’ experience in developing, building and installation of Clay Traps all over the World!  The company places particular emphasis on providing reliable machines.

            Many more feature are available.