Choosing the Right Trap Has Never Been This Easy with Laporte®

Laporte® American Traps (ATA)

American trap is popular throughout the United States is quite possibly the most popular form of clay pigeon shooting in North America.

Laporte’s American Trap is mounted on a low base and is equipped with our latest technology such as:  the three-point clay holding system and the instant turbo release system. The aluminium magazine can hold up to 400 clays.  This trap offers the same reliability and build quality that Laporte® has come to be known for worldwide


Up to 400 targets

Horizontal Movement

9 Positions from 27° to 90°

Vertical Movement

Maximum 35°

Anti-Vibration throwing arm

Patented system

TURBO System:

Instant release with patented ATRDI

4 Brushes motor

Low consumption, longer service

Low profile base



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            In American Trap disciplines (ATA), standard targets are thrown as singles. The horizontal target is a random target with a maximum angle of 22 degrees measured in line from the trap to the middle station.  A distance of  at 50 yards is required. The height at which the target is thrown should remain consistent.   A squad of five shooters shoot in rotation from the five stations (laid out in the form of an arc)  located 16 yards behind the trap house. 5 targets are thrown at each station, after which the shooters move to their right to the next station.  A round is 25 targets with one shot allowed at each target.
            DTL (Down-the-line) is an English variation of ATA where two shots are allowed at a single target with a scoring penalty for a second-barrel hit.